The daily nightmares of writing and living

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This family needs a flowchart.

So why am I sharing a picture with faces? Because it is totally and completely ludicrous.

I know, it doesn’t look funny, but let me put it in perspective.

  • There are 27 people in that photo.
  • Of that 27, 18 are blood related, the rest are by marriage.
  • All 18 are blood related as children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or great-great-grandchildren  to the women in red.
  • 10 are children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren to the woman in blue right next to her.
  • Only 2 are direct children of the woman in blue–3 are represented here if you include the grandchildren given to her by one of her children that has passed away.
  • The woman in blue has 9 kids total.

Mull on that a moment. For most people, this picture would represent their entire family, plus friends. For my family, it is only a fraction of a percentage. Aside from my aunt’s nine kids, my grandmother had three, neither of which started popping out offspring as…generously as my aunt, but both of which also have children, grandchildren, and possibly great-grandchildren as well. What you see here is actually a conservative family gathering.

Why don’t I know for sure? Because, in order to keep up with this family you need a programmable flow chart.

I figure, at the rate we’re going, one out of every ten people will be blood related to my family by the year 2130.

Also, this casual poolside picture? Guess what time of year it was taken.

The smart ones caught the one hint in the photo and have already guessed it.



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